Fonts and characters
TEPA can handle many non-western character sets, for example Cyrillic characters. To be able to see Russian terms in Cyrillic characters, for example, you need to have an up-to-date Web browser and the necessary character sets (i.e. fonts) should be installed on your workstation.
TEPA uses the Unicode standard to display non-western characters. Unicode is supported by most of the latest browser versions. Internet Explorer 5 and 6, Netscape 6 and Opera 6 are good choices. Also Internet Explorer 4 or Netscape 4 should do. Note that Netscape series 4 browsers will display Unicode characters but you cannot type them. So you cannot, for instance, use Cyrillic search words in Netscape 4. For some browsers, extended language support must be chosen when installing. For instructions refer to your browser documentation.
Fonts and character sets
Cyrillic characters (АБЦДабцд) are included in the basic Windows fonts (Times New Roman, Arial, Courier New) in all the newer Windows versions.
If installing the font does not make Cyrillic characters visible in TEPA vocabularies, you probably also need to update your Web browser.