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Quick search button
Would you like to look up terms while surfing the Web without going to the TEPA home page? Add a TEPA quick search button into your browser's toolbar and you can just select a term on any web page and click the TEPA search button for the term's definition and equivalents.
How to create a quick search button
  1. Drag and drop this link: [TEPA search] onto your browser's toolbar (When using Internet Explorer 7, click the right button of the mouse and select Add to favourites, after which choose Links). The button starts the TEPA user interface from which it was dragged.
  2. The browser confirms the creation of the link for example by asking "You are adding a link that may not be safe. Do you want to continue?". Answer "Yes".
In Firefox the toolbar is the Bookmarks Toolbar and in Internet Explorer the Links row.
If the toolbar is not visible in your browser, you need to activate it. In Firefox select the command View > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar and in Internet Explorer the command View > Toolbars > Links.
How to use the quick search button
On any web page select the term you want to look up with the mouse and click the TEPA search button. The TEPA quick search function always searches in all available vocabularies. If you click the quick search button without selecting a word, TEPA will first ask you for a search word.
How to delete the TEPA quick search button
Click the quick search button with the right mouse button and select the Delete command.

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