To the RSS feed. RSS feedThe Finnish Terminology Centre (Sanastokeskus ry) offers information on and expert services related to terminology work, classification work and ontology work. It also gives advice on the usage of special language terminology. The Terminology Centre carries out both terminology services of general interest (intended for all citizens) and terminology projects aimed at a specific company or a field of activity. The Terminology Centre receives financial assistance from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture to carry out its services of general interest.

Current in Terminology Centre
22.12.2021We wish everyone merry Christmas and a successful new year 2022
08.10.2021Glossary of Svenskt lagspråk i Finland handbook (Slaf) published in TEPA Term Bank
02.03.2021New markup conventions in concept diagrams in the Bank and Finance Terminology 1/2021
Current projects
17.09.2021Terminology work on TE-digi project continues
17.09.2021Terminology project on government grant activities to continue in autumn 2021
17.09.2021Update of Tekla Structures glossary in autumn 2021
24.08.2021Terminology work for the Finnish Heritage Agency
20.08.2021Glossary of Discretionary Government Grant Terms
13.08.2021Traffic ontology LIIKO expanded with rail transport concepts
11.08.2021Terminology work on information management
Current elsewhere
18.06.2021Presentations from Nordterm 2021 available online
23.04.2021Nordterm 2021: Abstracts available online
Newest Terminfo
To Terminfo.
Terminfo, an online magazine published by the Finnish Terminology Centre, describes terminology work and methods used in it.
Newest TSK vocabulary
Glossary of Address Information System (TSK 56) contains 21 central concepts for the address information system, and it focuses on concepts linked to the creation, structure and position of addresses. The terms and concept descriptions are given in Finnish and term equivalents in Swedish and English.
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