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Broadband Vocabulary (TSK 43)

Laajakaistasanasto, Bredbandsordlista

The Broadband Vocabulary contains 60 concepts on broadband connections and services, terminal devices, other telecommunication network devices and information security. The vocabulary includes such concepts as Ethernet connection, housing company broadband subscription, optical network unit, DSL modem and antivirus software. The concepts have been defined and given term recommendations in Finnish. The vocabulary also contains term equivalents in Swedish and English.

The vocabulary is aimed at the users of broadband services, the producers of the services as well as information officers, journalists and translators. It is hoped that the vocabulary will clarify and harmonize the communication on broadband services.

The terminology project was started on the initiative the Terminology Work Group of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. During the spring 2011 the vocabulary was compiled in Tietotekniikan termitalkoot project (voluntary team work on IT terminology) and later as a separate project in cooperation between the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK, DNA, FiCom, Finnet Association, Nokia, TeliaSonera Finland and the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. In addition, other experts in the field and language professionals also participated in the project, and 23 parties gave feedback on the vocabulary when it was circulated for comments. The broadband project was financed by Elisa, the Ministry of Transports and Communications, TeliaSonera Finland and the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.

The Broadband Vocabulary has been published on the web site of the Finnish Terminology Centre in PDF format, and the content of the vocabulary will be made available through the Terminology Centre's term bank TEPA.

Publisher: Finnish Terminology Centre TSK, 2012. ISBN 978-952-9794-31-7 (PDF).