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Digital TV Vocabulary (TSK 34)

Digi-tv-sanasto, Digital-tv-ordlista

© Finnish Terminology Centre TSK, 2006
ISBN 952-9794-22-3 (PDF)
ISSN 1795-6323 (online publication)

Vocabulary available:
- in PDF format
- in TEPA Term Bank

About a year before Finland went over to digital television, the TSK published the Digital TV Vocabulary. The terminology workgroup of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority made an initiative to start a digital TV project in autumn 2003. Two years later the project was at last started. After ten months of work the vocabulary was ready. It contains 97 concepts, with terms and all texts in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The workgroup's aim was to include the key concepts used in the media, directed to the general public and manuals for digital devices. The vocabulary deals with digital television networks, means of distribution, services, TV cards, encryption and digital receivers, functions and interfaces.