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Fire and Rescue Vocabulary (TSK 33)

Palo- ja pelastussanasto, Brand- och räddningsordlista, Brand- und Rettungsglossar, Пожарно-спасательный словарь

© Finnish Terminology Centre TSK, 2006
Publishers: Finnish Association of Fire Chiefs SPPL and Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK
ISBN 951-797-215-6 (paperback)

The terminology is available:
- on TEPA Term Bank

Languages of the terminology:
- Terms: Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Russian
- Concept descriptions: Finnish

The purpose of the Fire and Rescue Vocabulary is to clarify communication in this field, to harmonize Finnish terms, give reliable equivalents to Finnish concepts, and thus help those who work in this field or in some way are in contact with it. The vocabulary contains more than 700 concepts and dozens of concept diagrams and pictures. Finnish term recommendations and equivalents in Swedish, English, German and Russian are given to the concepts. It is possible to use the vocabulary e.g. in teaching in the field and in international connections.

The Fire and Rescue Vocabulary is based on an old fire protection vocabulary (TSK 6) published in 1984. During twenty years many things change, e.g. legislation and fire and rescue equipment, so the need for a new vocabulary was evident. Financing for the project was granted by two Finnish fire protection funds, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of the Environment, Emergency Response Centre Administration and the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT.

The vocabulary was compiled in a work group headed by the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK. In addition to financiers the following organizations were represented: Emergency Services College, Federation of Finnish Insurance Companies, Finlands svenska brand- och räddningsförbund (Swedish fire and rescue association in Finland), Finnish Association of Fire Chiefs SPPL, Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK, Helsinki Rescue Department, Safety Technology Authority, and VTT Building and Transport.

The Fire and Rescue Vocabulary was published in the beginning of 2006. It is a copublication of SPEK and SPPL, and it can be ordered directly from them.