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Internet Telephony Vocabulary (TSK 37)

Internetpuhelusanasto, Internettelefoniordlista

© Finnish Terminology Centre, 2007
ISBN 978-952-9794-25-6 (PDF)

The terminology is available:
- in PDF format
- on TEPA Term Bank

Languages of the terminology:
- Terms: Finnish, Swedish, English
- Concept descriptions: Finnish

The TSK has published the Internet Telephony Vocabulary. It defines about 80 concepts related to Internet calls and gives recommendations on Finnish terms. It also has Swedish and English equivalents.

The primary target group of the vocabulary is consumers. Such concepts that the consumer will encounter when buying equipment and services for making Internet calls were chosen in the vocabulary. The definitions give basic information that is essential for the consumers, and the emphasizing of technical details has been avoided. It is hoped that the vocabulary is useful for translators, editors and PR officers, too. The aim of the vocabulary is to harmonize and facilitate the communication on Internet calls.

The Internet call technology is directly linked to other information technology, and this made the selection of concepts difficult. It had to be decided what kind of basic knowledge is expected from the users. The vocabulary contains quite a lot of common IT terms. The aim was to choose concepts related to such equipment and technologies that are necessary for making Internet calls.