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All legally competent corporations as well as private persons can become members of the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK if they wish to support and develop the Terminology Centre's activities, need its services or are interested in terminology work and its results.

Benefits for members include many of the Terminology Centre's services, for example training and consultation, at reduced prices. In addition the corporation members get a certain amount of term service free of charge each year.

The Terminology Centre's board of directors decides on membership admission on the basis of a written application. The membership is valid until the member itself asks for resignation. A member can also be expelled, for example, because of neglected membership fees.

The membership fees for corporations are determined by the membership category and the turnover or budget of the member or member organization.

The membership fees are the following:

Membership category  Membership fee
private persons EUR 50
non-profit corporations EUR 160
turnover less than EUR 1 million EUR 160
turnover EUR 1—10 millions EUR 350
turnover more than EUR 10—100 millions EUR 700
turnover more than EUR 100 millions EUR 1100