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Terminfo in English and Scandinavian languages

Finnish Terminology Centre publishes online magazine Terminfo, which is meant for everyone interested in terminology and special languages. Terminfo is available free of charge for all readers and the articles deal with e.g. terminology work both in Finland and abroad, Finnish Terminology Centre's projects and study of terminology.

The majority of the articles are written in Finnish, but articles in other languages (mainly Swedish and English) are published every once in a while. Finding articles in languages other than Finnish is now made easy: to see all the articles written in English or in Swedish and other Scandinavian languages, just click on the links "Articles in English" or "Artiklar på nordiska språk" on the right side panel.

English summaries of the articles were included in every issue of Terminfo published before 2015. Summaries for issues 1/2010–4/2014 can be found via the archive tab. The issues published before 2010 are not available online, but summaries of those issues can be found in a separate archive.