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New material in the Finnish IT Terminology 10/2015


New and updated concepts:

Updating the Vocabulary of Information Management in Social Sector


The Vocabulary of Information Management in Social Sector – Concepts Related to Services, Service Processes and Client Information (version 1.0) was completed in spring 2015. Even before the first version was completed, it was clear that the terminology needs to be revised soon e.g. because of new legislation. So the next phase of terminology work was started in early summer 2015.

Updating Tekla Structures Glossary


In autumn 2015 the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK started a terminology project to complement and update Tekla's Tekla Structures Glossary, a glossary on building modelling software. The glossary gives English term recommendations and definitions for the central concepts of the software.

The newest published version the Tekla Structures Glossary is available on the address

TOTh 2015 workshop "Terminology and Standards" in Luxembourg on 3 December 2015

TermCoord (the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament) will arrange the TOTh 2015 workshop in Luxembourg on 3 December 2015. The theme of the workshop is "Terminology and Standards", and it will focus on terminology and its standards in the changing information society.

In addition to standards on terminology the workshop will also address topics such as applications that employ a terminological approach (e.g.


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