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TEPA term bank


The TEPA is a term bank compiled and maintained by the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK. It contains special language terms and their definitions which are displayed as multilingual terminological entries. The Terminology Centre's own publications form the core of the TEPA, but it also contains other special subject vocabularies compiled by specialists. The TEPA has been available to the public since 1987. In 1997 it was made available free-of-charge on the Web.

Terminology projects


The Finnish Terminology Centre TSK's participation in different types of terminology projects varies from giving advice or comments to being totally responsible for the management of large vocabulary projects. The trend has been towards more and more terminologist-centered working methods, which usually gives the Terminology Centre a very active role in the projects. This is actually no wonder, since according to studies the most effective terminology projects are those with a professional terminologist doing 70—80% of the total work.



All legally competent corporations as well as private persons can become members of the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK if they wish to support and develop the Terminology Centre's activities, need its services or are interested in terminology work and its results.

Benefits for members include many of the Terminology Centre's services, for example training and consultation, at reduced prices. In addition the corporation members get a certain amount of term service free of charge each year.

The Finnish Terminology Centre TSK


The Finnish Terminology Centre TSK (Sanastokeskus TSK ry) offers information and expert services related to terminology work and usage of special language terms. The Terminology Centre's activities are grounded in thorough mastery and development of the theory of terminology and the practical methods derived from it.


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