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R & D and standardization


Although the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK is not really a research institute, we keep ourselves up-to-date with the theory of terminology. The systematic application of the theory is also one of our best assets in developing the methods of practical terminology work and using them in our projects. In addition, several research projects have been carried out by the Terminology Centre during the past few years, dealing with the development of the methods and tools for terminology work.

Reference library


The Finnish Terminology Centre TSK maintains a reference library specialised in vocabularies and dictionaries, both for its own in-house use and to be consulted by clients. Most of the publications in the collection are terminologies in different domains, and dictionaries.

TEPA term bank


TEPA is a term bank compiled and maintained by the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK. TEPA contains special language terms and corresponding definitions presented in the form of multilingual terminological entries. The core of TEPA is formed by the Terminology Centre's own publications, but TEPA also contains terminologies, vocabularies, dictionaries and terminological databases compiled by other expert organisations.

Terminology projects


Terminology work most often has typical characteristics of a project: it has clear objectives, a certain time scale and limited resources. Therefore, it is often practical to organise terminology work as a project. However, it is not insignificant in which way a terminology project is carried out and what kind of methods are used in it. The Terminology Centre is happy to provide you with expert advise on these issues.


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