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Terminology work for public employment and business services


The client data system for public employment and business services and the electronic services connected to the system will be restructured as a part of the regional government reform. To facilitate the restructuring a specific project, TE-digi, was launched by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and KEHA centre (the development and administration centre for the ELY Centres and TE Offices).

Terminology work connected to the healthcare system


The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has compiled a vocabulary on structured registration. The vocabulary includes the key concepts which appear in national specifications and handbooks on Kanta Services (the national data system services for healthcare services, pharmacies and citizens). THL aims to harmonize and further develop these concepts and also compose diagrams on them and it has enlisted The Finnish Terminology Centre to facilitate the work.

Work on key concepts of the Competition and Consumer Authority


The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority enlisted the Finnish Terminology Centre to expand Liiketoimintaontologia (LIITO) (Business ontology). Together with experts from FCCA TSK shall produce definitions to the key concepts in data bank on the Consumer Ombudman’s decisions and also add certain concepts selected by FCCA into the ontology.

Nordterm 2017 in Kongsberg 12-15 June 2017


The Nordic cooperation forum Nordterm organizes an assembly every second year. The next assembly will be held 12—15 June in Kongsberg, Norway. The assembly will be opened with a one-day course/workshop and the program will continue with a conference. The main theme chosen for this year's conference is Hvem er brukerne av terminologiske ressurser – og hvordan når vi ut til dem?

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