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Updating Tekla Structures glossary


In autumn 2016 the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK started a terminology project to complement and update Trimble's Tekla Structures glossary, a glossary on building modelling software. The glossary gives English term recommendations and definitions for the central concepts of the software.

The newest published version the Tekla Structures Glossary is available on the address

Web site and TEPA term bank offline 21 September


The Terminology Centre web site and TEPA term bank as well as the Nordterm web site are going to be offline for maintenance on Wednesday 21 September. Sorry for the inconvience.

New material in the Finnish IT Terminology 9/2016


New concepts:

TermCoord offers a new, efficient way to use EU glossaries


TermCoord (the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament) maintains a website called EU Glossaries, via which users can access glossaries from EU institutions and bodies.


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