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Ontology for the Finnish Work Environment Fund

In February 2011 the Finnish Terminology Centre began the construction of an ontology for the Finnish Work Environment Fund. The index terms from the projects financed by the Work Environment Fund will be added into the Finnish General Upper Ontology YSO. Index terms in the ontology will be mainly in Finnish, but some English index terms will also be added.

The Finnish Work Environment Fund supports research, development and information services which improve safety and productivity in the work communities. The primary target group of the ontology are the specialists on working life who either document or distribute information to the public and workplaces as well as to other working life experts and decision-makers.

The general objective of ontology work is to represent information from a certain set of concepts in a way that is understandable for both humans and computers alike. Ontologies support information retrieval and transmission as well as semantic description of data, and can also be used in different Semantic Web applications.

Representatives from the Ministry of Social Affair and Health, the National Institute for Health and Welfare, the Finnish Work Environment Fund, the Finnish Institute for Occupational Health and the Centre for Occupational Safety participate in the ontology project. Terminologists from the Finnish Terminology Centre participate in the working group as experts on concept analysis and ontology work.

The ontology for the Finnish Work Environment Fund is planned to be completed in early 2012.