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05.03.2021Terminology project on government grant activities to continue in spring 2021
15.10.2020Terminology work related to FTIAs data system
14.10.2020Terminology work for the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
17.09.2020Terminology project on government grant activities to continue until end of 2020
31.08.2020The Vocabulary of Information Management in Social Sector – updates and development of maintenance
28.08.2020Terminology for employment service statistics
26.02.2020Government subsidy terminology project continues during spring 2020
25.02.2020Updated MAO/TAO Ontology published in Finto service
05.11.2019Terminology work on TE-digi project continues
05.11.2019Government subsidy terminology project continues
08.10.2019Terminology project on the cultural environment
16.09.2019Update of Tekla Structures glossary in autumn 2019
13.08.2019Updating the terminology of the Licencing and Supervision Project
13.08.2019Updating the taxation terminology
05.07.2019Update of Tekla Structures glossary in autumn 2018
20.03.2019Updating the Vocabulary of Comprehensive Security
18.02.2019Classification of Buildings 2018
15.02.2019Government subsidy terminology project
29.01.2019Updated MAO/TAO Ontology published in
26.10.2018Terminology work related to training agreement and apprenticeship agreement
18.10.2018Ontology work on road traffic concepts
01.10.2018Energy and release concepts
20.08.2018Terminology work for Tax Administration
29.05.2017 Updating the Classification of Buildings
28.05.2017Vocabulary of cyber security
28.05.2017Updating the Vocabulary of Comprehensive Security
18.05.2017Expanding MAO/TAO Ontology with concepts related to cultural landscapes
18.05.2017Terminology work for public employment and business services
18.05.2017Terminology work connected to the healthcare system
18.05.2017Work on key concepts of the Competition and Consumer Authority
14.12.2016Ontology project for the Finnish Transport Agency
11.11.2016Updating MAO/TAO ontology
19.10.2016Updating Tekla Structures glossary
14.06.2016Extended version of the MAO/TAO Ontology published in Finto
12.10.2015Mobile Vocabulary (TSK 48)
26.04.2011Terminology work on data components in social welfare