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Sanastotyön opas

Sanastotyön opasHeidi Suonuuti

Sanastotyön opas is a translation of Heidi Suonuuti's Guide to Terminology published in 1997. Suonuuti wrote her guide in English as it was meant for those working in international standardization, but it has proved quite useful for a larger audience, too. It has already been translated e.g. into Swedish and Icelandic.

Guide to Terminology is a guide to practical terminology work. It can be used by all who compile terminologies or are interested in terminology work, or as teaching material for terminology courses. The guide tells how to make a concept analysis, what are characteristics and what kind of concept systems exist. It gives instructions to write definitions, and describes the phases of a terminology project. It contains plenty of examples on concept relations, definitions and concept diagrams.

The guide also contains a small terminology with 32 concepts, a list of the most important international terminology standards, contact information of Nordterm organizations and compact guidelines for compiling a terminology.

Publisher: Finnish Terminology Centre TSK, 2012. Price: € 12 + € 5.50 postage and processing fee, payment by a bill. ISBN 978-952-9794-32-4.

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