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Social security terms

In 2007 Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) and the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK initiated a conjoint terminology project whose aim is to harmonize the terminology used in the communication concerning the social security provided by Kela. As a result of the project the Terminological Vocabulary of Kela will be created, which will be gradually expanded and updated.

The first version of Kela’s Terminological Vocabulary was published in the spring 2010. It covers health-related concepts such as reimbursements for medical expenses, sickness allowances, occupational health care, disability benefits, rehabilitation organized and reimbursed by Kela and some pensions. The first publication defines around 300 concepts. The concepts are given Finnish term recommendations and Swedish equivalents.

The terminology project continued with defining of the pension and housing benefit concepts during 2010. In 2011 concepts related to interpretation services for the handicapped and international health care will be added to the vocabulary. The purpose is to add benefits for families with children, students and unemployed persons, too. The definitions and notes will be translated into Swedish.