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Target groups

The primary target groups for the services of the Finnish Terminology Centre are the Finnish public administration and business life, but, besides experts, many services are aimed at all citizens, because everyone needs special field terms and concepts.

The users of the Terminology Centre's services can be looked at, and classified into different target groups, from several viewpoints, for example

  • by client type: those who commission projects and those who use the results
  • by type of service used: e.g. term bank users, users of traditional terminologies, users of ontologies
  • by need: actors in special fields and the general public
  • by sector: clients in private and public sector
  • by context of use: e.g. experts in communication and other special fields, like legislators and developers of concept and data models and information systems
  • by membership: members of the Terminology Centre and other clients.

The Terminology Centre develops its services and makes them available mostly in the form of separately financed projects. However, the work of the Terminology Centre always serves the public good.