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TEPA term bank renewed

The TEPA term bank is compiled and maintained by the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK, and it contains terms and definitions on special fields. The Terminology Centre's own material forms the base of the term bank, but it also contains other terminologies compiled by experts. The TEPA has been available to the public since 1987. In 1997 it was made available free-of-charge on the Web. Last year almost 650,000 searches were made in the TEPA.

A project to renew the TEPA was started last year. During the project both the content and technology of the term bank have been renewed. Out-dated material has been removed and mistakes corrected. New material has been input, e.g. some terminologies of the Swedish Centre for Terminology TNC.

The new TEPA is maintained with the MOT dictionary software developed by Kielikone. The interface is now available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

A major renewal compared to the old term bank is the possibility to publish concept diagrams and show Cyrillic alphabet. The renewed TEPA has at the moment 45,000 term records. The new TEPA was published in the end of September in the old address