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Terminology of Terminology (TSK 36)

Terminologian sanasto, Terminologins terminologi, Terminology of Terminology, Vocabulaire de la terminologie

Terminologins terminologi published in 1989 was the second publication of Nordterm, the Nordic cooperation organization in the field of terminology. Defining the terminology in the own field was seen as the second most important job after writing down the statutes – after all, a terminology helps to form the basis for fluent communication.

The renewal and revision of the old terminology was coordinated by the Swedish Centre for Terminology TNC, and members from all Nordterm countries and language areas participated in the project. In addition to the old terminology, the ISO 1087-1 Terminology work – Vocabulary – Part 1: Theory and application standard was used as the source material in the project. In Finland the TSK coordinated the project.

The new terminology, Terminologins terminologi på nordiska, contains 76 concepts related to terminology and terminology work. Concepts are defined in Bokmål, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic and Swedish. In addition to these languages, term equivalents have been gathered in English, Faroese, French, Greenlandic, Northern Sami and Nynorsk.

Nordterm will publish the terminology as a whole, but the TSK has already composed a Finnish version of the material called Terminologian sanasto. It is published in PDF format on the TSK's web site so that everyone could use it. The Finnish version includes the definitions in Finnish and Swedish and terms also in English and French.

Publisher: Finnish Terminology Centre TSK, 2006. ISBN 952-9794-24-X (PDF).