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Terminology work for Tax Administration

The Finnish Terminology Centre started a terminology project on taxation in April 2018 for the Finnish Tax Administration. The goal of the terminology project is to collect and harmonize or prepare definitions and notes for 50-70 central concepts in personal taxation. Terms, definitions and notes are given in Finnish.

The Tax Administration has collected the most central concepts in personal taxation to be dealt with in the terminology project. The vocabulary covers, for example, tax prepayment, implementation of taxation as well as capital and earned income. The responsibility of the Finnish Terminology Centre is to collect and prepare systematic definitions and notes and give term recommendations together with the experts from the Finnish Tax Administration as well as to draw concept diagrams.

The terminologists organised a short introduction to terminology work for the participants of the terminology project in April. The goal of the introduction was to make sure that the terminology work can be done effectively. During the introduction, the terminologists explained, for example, what is a good term and how to interpret concept diagrams, and told about the project plan.

The material prepared by the terminologists has been discussed in terminology workshops that have been organized with the experts of the Tax Administration since May. After the terminology workshops, the terminologists revise the material. The vocabulary should be ready by the end of 2018.