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Terms in Tekla Structures software

In 2006 Tekla Corpotarion and the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK started a terminology project the aim of which is to clarify the use of terms in the Tekla Structures software and software documentation. The target groups for the Tekla Structures Glossary are technical writers, user interface designers, marketing and the users of the software, i.e. Tekla's clients.

Tekla Structures is a building information modelling software that can be used for creating detailed 3D models for buildings. These models can be used in all the phases of planning and construction from drafts to installation.

The intension of the concepts used in the Tekla Structures software is explained and English term recommendations are given in the terminology project. The concepts are also given English definitions. The glossary was completed at the end of 2008 containing 460 concepts. In 2010 and 2011 Tekla commissioned further updates to the glossary from the TSK.