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The Finnish Terminology Centre TSK

The Finnish Terminology Centre TSK (Sanastokeskus TSK ry) offers information and expert services related to terminology work and usage of special language terms. The Terminology Centre's activities are grounded in thorough mastery and development of the theory of terminology and the practical methods derived from it.

The Finnish Terminology Centre TSK is an association founded in 1974. Its main goals are to produce high-quality vocabularies containing Finnish and Swedish as well as to develop methods for terminology work and maintain the know-how required for terminology work.

The members of the Terminology Centre represent widely the Finnish business life. With their resources and needs the members form a steady operating environment for the association. The Terminology Centre cooperates as an independent expert body not only with its members but also with other communities interested in terminology. Such cooperation is maintained, for example, with the Institute for the Languages of Finland, Nordic terminology centres, standardization bodies and units of the European Union.

During the years the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK has become a national terminology centre offering wide variety of terminological services. Its activities include

  • the production and publication of terminologies
  • terminology planning and guidance
  • a library specialized in dictionaries and vocabularies
  • communications related to terminology work
  • the development and training of methods for terminology work
  • international cooperation in the field of terminology.