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Updating the taxation terminology

Verotussanasto (versio 1.0) (taxation terminology, version 1.0), compiled by the Finnish Terminology Centre on commission by the Tax Administration, was published in March 2019. After the publication, terminology work was continued. The aim of the current work is to introduce to the publication around 70 new concepts related to topics such as tax recovery, taxation on wealth, and self-assessed taxes. The concepts will be provided with descriptions and term usage recommendations in Finnish.

The taxation terminology is being worked on by using methods of terminology work. These methods allow for drawing up definitions and term recommendations which reflect the underlying concept system. This, in turn, helps terminology users to understand differences and relations between the concepts. In a terminology update project, a terminologist performs a so called concept analysis of the concepts to be introduced into the terminology. Part of the concept analysis is to check in which way the concept system needs to be modified when adding a new concept into the terminology – or when removing a concept from it.

The tasks in this terminology project are divided so that the terminologists prepare draft versions of the terminology, after which, in workshops, the drafts are commented on by subject field experts from the Tax Administration. Following that, the terminologists will finalise the material for publication. The updated terminology version should be ready for publication by the end of December 2019.