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Vocabulary of Education

In 2010 the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK initiated a terminology project related to the so called Learner’s online service, which is a service for those interested in applying for education. The project aims to harmonise the terms and definitions used in different information systems related to education and science, and in that way to help create a seamlessly working online service.

In January 2011, the project group published the then results of its work in the form of a draft vocabulary (Opetustoimen sanastoluonnos – Raportti opetustoimen sanastotyöstä osana Oppijan verkkopalvelu -esiselvitystä), which contained some 240 concepts related to e.g. teaching, degrees and certificates.

From August 2011 to the summer 2012, the work has been continued by defining concepts related to application and selection procedures and the Finnish degree structure. In autumn 2012, the project plans to work with concepts related to e.g. educational institutions and curricula.

The concepts in the vocabulary will be given Finnish term recommendations and Swedish equivalents. Definitions will be given in Finnish.