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Compact Vocabulary of Information Security (TSK 31)

Tiivis tietoturvasanasto, Koncis informationssäkerhetsordlista

© Finnish Terminology Centre TSK, 2004.
Publisher: Taloustieto Oy
ISBN 951-628-412-4 (paperback). Sold out.
ISBN 952-9794-17-7 (PDF)
ISSN 0359-5390 (print)
ISSN 1795-6323 (e-book)

The terminology is available:
- in PDF format
- on TEPA Term Bank

Languages of the vocabulary:
- Terms: Finnish, Swedish, English
- Concept descriptions: Finnish

The 31st publication in the TSK series, the Compact Vocabulary of Information Security, was be published in September 2004. The vocabulary is a part of Finland's national information security strategy which aims at improving information security and increasing citizens' and enterprises' confidence in the information society.

The vocabulary contains 82 concepts which have been defined and given Finnish term recommendations and Swedish and English equivalents. The purpose of the vocabulary is to help the ordinary computer user to understand what information security means, what information security threats are and what the different methods are that improve information security. It is hoped that the book will be useful for those who need information security terms in their work.

The Compact Vocabulary of Information Security is published as a book, but it is also available on the TSK's web site in PDF format.

Publisher: Finnish Terminology Centre TSK, 2004. Sale: Taloustieto Oy. Price: 20 euros. ISBN 951-628-412-4.