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Terminology projects

Terminology work most often has typical characteristics of a project: it has clear objectives, a certain time scale and limited resources. Therefore, it is often practical to organise terminology work as a project. However, it is not insignificant in which way a terminology project is carried out and what kind of methods are used in it. The Terminology Centre is happy to provide you with expert advise on these issues.

In a terminology project, the Terminology Centre has the role of an impartial expert in terminology. The level in which the Terminology Centre takes part in a terminology project may be agreed to with the client according to the client's needs. If only light participation is wanted, the Terminology Centre may, for example, only comment on a terminology elaborated by the client itself. On the other hand, it is possible to agree that the Terminology Centre assumes the whole responsibility of a project, making sure the work is carried out with the level of thoroughness necessary and is finished in time. It is worth noting, however, that the Terminology Centre is not able to produce terminologies on its own, but needs to cooperate with experts in the subject field in question to accomplish its work.

If you are planning or initiating a terminology project, please feel free to contact the Terminology Centre. We will be happy to elaborate a project plan for you and submit a tender, taking into account the criteria you have set for your project. In our project plans, we also specify the responsibilities of the different participant organisations, and clarify other practical issues.

During decades, the Terminology Centre has participated in many kinds of terminology projects. For examples of of our project results, please see the list of publications.