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The results of the Finnish Terminology Centre are published in many formats. Some are published on our web pages in PDF format, some in our TEPA Term Bank and on other platforms, such as Terminologies tool or Sote-sanastot web service. These vocabularies consist of term records (terminological entries) in systematic order and concept diagrams, accompanied with alphabetical indexes. The diagrams are an elegant way to illustrate and clarify the underlying concept systems on which the definitions are based.

In addition to the vocabularies, the Terminology Centre publishes guides and handbooks concerning the tools and methods used in terminology work.

A great deal of the Terminology Centre's terminological know-how has been published in The Handbook of Terminology Work (Sanastotyön käsikirja; a joint publication of the Terminology Centre and the Finnish Standards Association SFS). The handbook is an excellent support for practical terminology work, but it is available only in Finnish.

Guide to Terminology (1st edition 1997, 2nd edition 2001) is a unique work which provides a concise introduction to practical terminology work. The guide is written by Heidi Suonuuti, the Finnish Terminology Centre's former director.

A comprehensive list of the Terminology Centre's publications is available on the Web in Finnish >>>