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Updating the Vocabulary of Comprehensive Security

The Vocabulary of Comprehensive Security (TSK 47), which contains some 180 concepts related to the field, was compiled by the initiation of the Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK and published in late 2014. The vocabulary is based on legislation and certain Government Decision-in-Principles such as the Security strategy for society.

Expanding MAO/TAO Ontology with concepts related to cultural landscapes


The National Board of Antiquities (NBA) commissioned the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK to update MAO/TAO Ontology (Ontology for Museum Domain and Applied Arts) in two phases between 2015 and 2017. In spring 2017 NBA assigned TSK to further develop the ontology by adding some 700 concepts related to cultural landscapes. The concepts are derived from different vocabularies and registries related to the field.

Terminology work for public employment and business services


The client data system for public employment and business services and the electronic services connected to the system will be restructured as a part of the regional government reform. To facilitate the restructuring a specific project, TE-digi, was launched by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and KEHA centre (the development and administration centre for the ELY Centres and TE Offices).

Terminology work connected to the healthcare system


The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has compiled a vocabulary on structured registration. The vocabulary includes the key concepts which appear in national specifications and handbooks on Kanta Services (the national data system services for healthcare services, pharmacies and citizens). THL aims to harmonize and further develop these concepts and also compose diagrams on them and it has enlisted The Finnish Terminology Centre to facilitate the work.


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