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Updated AFO ontology published

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Helsinki University Library / Viikki Campus Library and The Finnish Terminology Centre have updated and expanded the Agriculture and Forestry Ontology AFO. The expanded version of the ontology has now been published in the Finto ontology service.

When Luke was founded in 2015, it was apparent that a common ontology was needed for Luke and SYKE's information management purposes.

Expansion of AFO ontology


The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) was founded in the beginning of 2015 when MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Finnish Forest Research Institute Metla, Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute, and Information Centre of the Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture Tike were merged together.

Termbase to facilitate mobility in the Nordic countries


The Finnish Terminology Centre TSK participates in a Nordic project in which a glossary is compiled to facilitate moving from one Nordic country to another to study, work or live. Educational concepts are covered first. The central concepts of the educational systems in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are studied and concept systems are made. Definitions are translated into the other languages of the glossary if a corresponding concept does not exist in these languages.

New user interface for Terminfo

The new user interface for Terminfo has been published at

All readers have now access to Terminfo's archives (from issue 1/2010 onwards); you can scroll through the archives on interleaf "Arkisto". It is also possible to use the search box on the first page (right hand side, under "Hae sivustolta") to search with a specific word or name.


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