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New material in the Finnish IT Terminology 11/2019


New and updated concepts:

Terminology project on the cultural environment


The Ministry of the Environment commissioned the Finnish Terminology Centre for a terminology project in September 2019. The aim of the project is to provide definitions for some 30 concepts related to the cultural environment and building heritage. The concepts of the terminology will be provided with descriptions and term usage recommendations in Finnish as well as equivalents in Swedish.

Update of Tekla Structures glossary in autumn 2019


The software company Trimble Solutions (formerly called Tekla) publishes and maintains Tekla Structures glossary, which is a terminology resource accompanying the Tekla Structures building information modelling software. The software and the glossary combine terminology from both construction and IT fields. The glossary provides terms and definitions in English for the central concepts of the software.

Updating the terminology of the Licencing and Supervision Project


In 2017, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the Finnish Terminology Centre carried out a joint terminology project which resulted in publishing a terminology entitled Luvat ja valvonta -hanke: Palvelukerroksen keskeiset käsitteet, versio 0.8 (Licencing and Supervision Project – central service-layer concepts, version 0.8). In February 2019, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy commissioned from the Terminology Centre a new terminology project, with a view to introducing new concepts to the earlier publication.


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