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TOTh conference in France 6–7 June 2019


The 13th International TOTh Conference will be held on 6–7 June 2019 in Chambéry, France. The program will include a poster session as well as presentations and a guest lecture. The conference is meant for researchers, professionals and everyone interested in issues related to language and knowledge engineering.

International Terminology Summer School 8-12 July 2019 in Vienna


The International Terminology Summer School (TSS) 2019 will take place 8-12 July 2019 in Vienna.

TSS is a one-week, practice-oriented training course covering a comprehensive overview of the methods and principles of terminology management. TSS is designed for language and terminology professionals, students and researchers who are looking for a comprehensive introduction to terminology management theory and practice.

Ontology work on road traffic concepts

The new ontology for traffic, Liikenteen ontologia LIIKO, has been published on the Finnish thesaurus and ontology service Finto. The ontology is built on the former Merenkulkualan ontologia MERO (ontology for seafaring).

MERO was composed by the Finnish Maritime Administration and the Semantic Computing Research Group SeCo as a part of the FinnONTO project (2003–2012). The Finnish Transport Agency and the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK launched a project to update MERO in 2016.

Energy and release concepts


The Finnish Terminology Centre TSK started a terminology project in September for the Statistics Finland. The aim of the project is to collect and harmonize or prepare definitions and notes for circa 30 central concepts related to energy and release statistics. Terms and concept descriptions are given in Finnish. The terminologist prepares material for work shops, where concepts are discussed and terms and concept descriptions are processed with the experts of the Statistics Finland.


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